Water Therapy

It has long been said that drinking eight glasses of water a day keeps the doctor away. At an average, our bodies contain at least 75% water. The majority of this component shows just how much our bodies use water to function properly daily. Functionalities include everything from getting ideas from your brain, digesting your food and fighting diseases that keep on entering the body.

Drinking water is vital to prevent diseases and it has been proven through numerous kinds of sickness such as colds etc. Now, studies have shown that water therapy can also help prevent cancer. Note that it’s not just the normal tap water but the water must be filtered in order to prevent unknown particles from entering our body. Since water affects our cells and enzymatic processes, treatments such as Gerson Therapy stresses the use of pure water for cancer patients. It is said that clean water is an essential ingredient in cancer prevention. Filtered water also greatly reduces the risks of different kinds of cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer and bladder cancer. Another good example is the use of alkaline water for women with breast cancer. Cancer cells love living in an acidic environment and therefore taking up alkaline water therapy would make your body an alkaline environment which help slow down the spread of cancer cells and sometimes would kill them. Also, it neutralizes free radicals and allows for the creation of more oxygen molecules which then eradicates cancer cells.

A friendly reminder is that not all water types are good for water therapy, only consider filtered and alkaline water for the prevention of cancer.

Water Therapy for Cancer

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Sweating it Out

Cancer has always been attributed to a poor lifestyle especially when it comes to your physical habits. It is reality that sometimes our schedules with priorities such as work cannot fit an extra time for exercise. But here are some basic exercises that we can do in order to help our bodies not only in a good shape but also help prevent the development of cancer.

  1. Brisk Walking – World Cancer Research Fund scientists said that any moderate activity that races our heart beat could really contribute to preventing cancer. A good example suggests that 45 minutes a day of moderate exercises could prevent about 5,500 cases of breast cancer. Shedding off 30-45 minutes from your sleep to do some brisk walking would have a big factor in preventing cancer.
  2. Car Wash or cleaning your room – maybe you’re thinking what in the world does car wash or cleaning my room have to do with cancer prevention? Washing your car is indeed a good work out for you. Every minute you spend in cleaning your car results in calories spent. Scrubbing your car’s surface for 30 minutes and you could work off around 120 calories. Same with goes with cleaning your room, spending a short amount of time scrubbing or mopping your floor could get your blood flowing already enough for a short physical activity.

These are just some simple exercises in order for us to maintain our bodies healthy, prevent cancer and at the same time still having the time we need for our priorities. By making sure that we somehow keep our bodies physically active even in the most simplest ways, we can be a step ahead cancer.

Exercise versus Cancer

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Regular Medical Care

A study on the most common causes of deaths of Filipinos shows that cancer is one of the highest ranking causes of deaths. A third of the present population of Filipinos in the Philippines is not aware that cancer cells are living deeply in our bodies and may develop from a dormant cancer to an active cancer cell that are later on diagnosed to be lethal. Also, people from across the country does not know that having regular medical check-ups and a proper medical care to one’s body may prevent the development of active cancer cells.

Having a regular medical check-up means that patients visit there doctors at least once in three months in order to further monitor their health conditions. Regular visits to doctors may result to early diagnosis of diseases that may lead to cancer and cysts that may or may not be malignant, in other terms, cancerous. Early diagnosis can also be the cure for other diseases that requires a long period of time for healing and recovery. Another method to avoid being a victim of cancer is by undergoing proper medical health care. This means that a person has sufficient amount of all the vitamins and minerals that he/she needs daily. Also, being physically fit is included in the list of proper medical health care. Being equipped with these, it gives the body’s immune system the strength that it needs to fight unhealthy bacteria or viruses that may cause infection, diseases and such.

If you haven’t had your regular check-up for some time now, it’s always not too late to start scheduling an appointment with your trusted doctors so you could start monitoring your health.

Regular Medical Check Up


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Regular Immunization

Vaccines play a huge part in the prevention of cancer. Cancer cells hastily build up once a host has a poor immune system. Our immune system decreases whenever we are sick or we get diseases which require a huge amount of our immune system to combat. This then makes our body vulnerable to cancer cells and therefore increase the risk in getting cancer.

For example, disease such has Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B may lead to a liver cancer. Hepatitis A can be contracted from contaminated food or water or being in close contact with someone who is infected by it. Hepatitis B on the other hand are common among high-risk adults. Adults who are sexually active but not in a mutually monogamous relationship. Also adults who engage in same sex intercourse and adults who are exposed in infected blood or body fluids.

Another example of a disease is Human papillovirus or HPV. This disease is transmitted sexually and may lead to cervical cancer and genital cancers as well as squamous cell cancers of the head and neck.

The good thing about these diseases is that vaccine is available for them. We just need to have an appointment with our trusted doctors to have our bodies checked for any abnormalities. Asking also to get a vaccine for the said diseases will be vital for us to prevent cancer especially liver cancer and cervical cancer. Again preventing these types of diseases will be vital in keeping our immune systems up and reserve for the fight against cancer cells.


Regular Immunization versus Cancer

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Keep On Smiling

“Laughter is the best medicine” this line may be already a cliché to most people but I think it still best represents a person having a positive outlook in life. Cancer is attributed to a lot to stress. This because stress tends to weaken our bodies by giving it too much tension especially in the muscles and organs. For example, a person who is stressed tends to get his/her lungs tight or squeezed therefore making for that person to breathe this then leads to lack of oxygen to the brain and heart which leads to abnormal blood flow. With this our immune system weakens which increases the chance of being attacked by cancer cells.

To prove that laughter or having a positive outlook in life helps in maintaining our bodies and keeping it away from cancer, there is a cancer center wherein it promotes laughter as therapy. The care center believes that all of us are given the gift of laughter. It lifts our spirits and makes us feel happy. It helps people to feel more alive and empowered by bringing them closer together. Humor therapy is used to relieve physical or emotional stresses and discomfort. In order to back up this claim, surgeons in the 13th century has already been using humor to distract patients from pain. In the 20th century, this was further backed up by Normal Cousins who claims that after years of prolonged pain coming from an illness, he has claimed to have cured himself with an invented regimen of laughter and vitamins.

If we seem to give up on life just because of a dreaded disease such as cancer, just smile and laugh it off as having a positive outlook and stress-free outlook in life would definitely help in curing and even preventing it making it fun to battle.

Just Keep on Smiling

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Healthy Diet

What we eat has a strong effect in our health most especially the risk of cancer. What we do not know is that we might be ingesting food that are cancerous and that we avoid those that protect us from it. If we have the knowledge and apply it in our eating habits and diets we may be able to stop cancer from even reaching us.

One tip is to focus on plant-based foods. Basically plants have less fat, more fiber and is equipped with more cancer preventing vitamins and nutrients. A plant diet basically comprises of a variety of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. These come from different types of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and beans. You do not have to be a hero and make your meal a full vegetarian meal. A good aim in your plate is to have at least two-thirds of it plant-based. Another tip is to cut down on meat. Research have shown that vegetarians have a fifty percent less chance of having cancer than those who mostly eat meat. Although meat is an important part of our diet, there are ways to keep the negative effects to a low. Trying to keep the total meat intake to no more than fifty percent of calories is good. Also, eating red meat must only be occasional so as to avoid saturated fat. And last is to choose leaner meats like fish, chicken or turkey.

It is reality that sometimes diseases are unavoidable but it is what we do to prevent these are what’s important. And starting from the food we eat will help us in a lot of ways.

Healthy Eating against Cancer

Clean Life

Clean Life versus Cancer

There is nothing better to prevent cancer than avoiding the things that may lead to it in the first place. AIDS or HIV and other diseases act as triggering agents for our bodies to have a weak immune system therefore paving way for the growth of cancer.

Things such as same gender intercourse or non-monogamous relationships can lead to such diseases and therefore must be avoided. Also doing drugs such as the simple saliva contact from rolled Marijuana papers could cause sickness that came from the infected person. Another common practice is the sharing of needles during a session of Meth wherein AIDS or HIV is commonly passed on.

People getting HIV have a greater risk of getting certain types of cancer, such as lymphoma and cervical cancer. Also, they are in the risk of contracting life threatening diseases. In the United States alone, statistics show that 1 million people are living with HIV infection and nearly 500,000 are living with AIDS. This goes to show the wide spread of unnecessary activities among the people.

There are a lot of ways to prevent these from happening. If sexual intercourse cannot be controlled, then use condoms in order to have an extra layer of protection. For people whose drug addiction cannot be cured right away, making sure that the needles used are clean and sterile to avoid contamination. It is also advisable to make sure that the needle is only used by the same person every time. But there is no better solution but to quit the use of illegal drugs.

Again it is only in our hands that we are able to prevent such diseases from affecting us. Living a clean life is always the key to living a happy one.


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Avoiding Tobacco

Cigarette or tobacco contain cancer-causing chemicals that are harmful both to the smoker and those that inhale the smoke. Among the 250 known harmful chemicals in a tobacco, 69 of which are cancer-causing which are the following: Arsenic, Benzene, Beryllium, Butadiene, Cadmium, Chromium, Ethylene oxide, Nickel, Polonium and Vinyl Chloride. These are just to name a few.

Avoiding Tobacco/Cigar to Prevent Cancer

Smoking is the leading cause of cancer and death from it. The chemicals cause cancers of the lungs, esophagus, larynx, mouth, throat, kidney, bladder, pancreas, stomach, and cervix. It is alarming how one cigarette can affect even the parts of our bodies that are not directly in contact with the smoke that it provides. Basically smoking is indeed deadly not only to the smoker but moreover to the people who inhale the smoke. You just don’t try to kill yourself but you are trying to kill others as well.

The best way to prevent this is to simply avoid cigarettes and avoid people who smoke. For those who are already into smoking, there is still time to quit smoking. Quitting now will put you at a lower risk of cancer. Although it takes a long time after quitting for the effects to be felt the benefit increases as long as the person remains smoke free. If a person is diagnosed with cancer already and questions if is it too late to stop smoking then the answer is, no. Quitting will increase the body’s response to cancer treatments and would help to prevent the growth of another cancer.

Basically, just keep away from smoking.


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Quack Doctors


You know the saying – “There’s one born every minute”. Uncharitable as this saying is, this is how many unscrupulous people operate to make a quick buck off some hapless soul. Are their victims to be blamed? Some people may say yes and that they should know better, however, there is also a thought that we can’t really be completely vigilant. It’s in our nature to be trusting and thinking of the best in our fellow human beings, whether they be acquaintances or total strangers. Maybe we’re not actually gullible – just plain old trusting.

The field of medicine is not proof against these charlatans. There are millions of companies selling seeming panaceas against deadly diseases like Cancer, AIDS, and others. There are miracle concoctions, and diet pills, and even “all-natural” herb mixes that “draw out” the toxins through your waste. Be on guard with these cures, and always do your research on these. Being vigilant is key.

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Hoax: Psychic Surgeons

In the last post, we talked about quack doctors, and how their fraudulent methods trick people out of their hard-earned money and send their patients home none the healthier. Today, we’ll focus on one type of charlatan that you’d best stay clear of.

small__15150147Psychic surgeons practice a type of pseudoscience that can be seen in the Philippines and Brazil as “the last resort” of people desperate for a cure. It allegedly has the faith healer slice into the patient with his fingers or a non-surgical knife, fish out and remove the diseased tissue or tumors, and seal up the wound all by divine intervention or mind powers.

One of this practice’s most famous and unfortunate patients was Andy Kaufman. It was later in his career that he was diagnosed with a rare type of lung cancer. He had checked into hospitals and received palliative radiotherapy, but the cancer had already spread from his lungs to his brain. He sought a last-ditch cure from a faith healer in the Philippines who performed psychic surgery on him and claimed to have removed all the tumors in his lungs. Kaufman went home, and soon after, died of kidney failure as an effect of his metastasized lung cancer.

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