Quack Doctors


You know the saying – “There’s one born every minute”. Uncharitable as this saying is, this is how many unscrupulous people operate to make a quick buck off some hapless soul. Are their victims to be blamed? Some people may say yes and that they should know better, however, there is also a thought that we can’t really be completely vigilant. It’s in our nature to be trusting and thinking of the best in our fellow human beings, whether they be acquaintances or total strangers. Maybe we’re not actually gullible – just plain old trusting.

The field of medicine is not proof against these charlatans. There are millions of companies selling seeming panaceas against deadly diseases like Cancer, AIDS, and others. There are miracle concoctions, and diet pills, and even “all-natural” herb mixes that “draw out” the toxins through your waste. Be on guard with these cures, and always do your research on these. Being vigilant is key.

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Hoax: Psychic Surgeons

In the last post, we talked about quack doctors, and how their fraudulent methods trick people out of their hard-earned money and send their patients home none the healthier. Today, we’ll focus on one type of charlatan that you’d best stay clear of.

small__15150147Psychic surgeons practice a type of pseudoscience that can be seen in the Philippines and Brazil as “the last resort” of people desperate for a cure. It allegedly has the faith healer slice into the patient with his fingers or a non-surgical knife, fish out and remove the diseased tissue or tumors, and seal up the wound all by divine intervention or mind powers.

One of this practice’s most famous and unfortunate patients was Andy Kaufman. It was later in his career that he was diagnosed with a rare type of lung cancer. He had checked into hospitals and received palliative radiotherapy, but the cancer had already spread from his lungs to his brain. He sought a last-ditch cure from a faith healer in the Philippines who performed psychic surgery on him and claimed to have removed all the tumors in his lungs. Kaufman went home, and soon after, died of kidney failure as an effect of his metastasized lung cancer.

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Chewing Tobacco

small__8260070248When you hear the word “tobacco”, many people will instantly think of the long, slender stick wrapped in white paper you light up and take a deep breath from. Cigarettes have long been synonymous with tobacco, but did you know you can also chew your tobacco?

Chewing tobacco is a smokeless tobacco product, oft chewed by old-timers and baseballers. It’s placed between the cheek and gum, or well, chewed (just like it says on the tin. Well, not the one in the picture, but you get my drift). Unlike dipping tobacco, you’re supposed to wet the tobacco with your saliva and crush it with your teeth to release the nicotine.

However, this also comes with its own dangers. Many famous baseball players like Babe Ruth and Tony Gwynn, have been diagnosed with cancers of the throat, mouth, and salivary glands. The product is now being marketed to young latinos, but they’d best keep away from the stuff.

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Cancer Risk


Further examples of adaptable cancer risk factors comprises of  alcohol consumption, physical sluggishness, and being obese. Based on epidemiologic confirmation, it is currently considered that keeping away from too much alcohol drinking, being physically lively, and keeping a suggested body weight, may all add to diminutions in threat of certain cancers; on the other hand, contrast with tobacco contact, the magnitude of its result is unassuming or small and the potency of confirmation is often weaker. Added lifestyle and environmental issues acknowledged to influence cancer risk  contain certain sexual and reproductive practices, the exploit of exogenous estrogens, contact to ionizing radiation and ultraviolet radiation, specified occupational and chemical exposures, and contagious agents.

Simple Food Modification Beats Cancer


Cancer is a disease that we are facing in the past and until today. A number of studies were made to decipher the causes, prevention and treatment to it. However, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Cancer is a not curable right away but by modifying your lifestyle, you can lessen the risk of cancer. So, what are the ways to prevent cancer? Have a dose of broccoli goodness. It contains cancer fight compounds and is ideally cooked either steamed or raw. Do not microwave it as ninety seven percent of the cancer protective flavonoid is removed. Another well studied discovery is to eat Brazil nuts that are rich in selenium which is a mineral that somewhat kills the cancer cell and helps repair the cells. And finally, add garlic in every meal because it contains sulfur compounds that help stimulate the natural defences of your immune system.

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Preventing Cancer in the Body


There are different kinds of cancer diseases that are listed to kill millions of people from all over the world. Lung cancer is among these that commonly hit those who are heavy smokers. This can be prevented from spreading by taking care of the body and keeping it healthy. Although cancer cells are present in our bodies, it is wise to prevent these from awakening and becoming a killer disease. Eating the right kinds of food and living a healthy lifestyle will prevent cancer cells from flourishing in the body. Food rich in lycopene such as tomato is known to help fight cancer causing cells. Daily consumption of tomato based foods will help to prevent the disease. Exercise and getting adequate rest will also help the body combat this kind of disease. Foods that are rich in carcinogens should be avoided. These are food that exposed directly to the flame when cooking. These trigger the abundance of cancer cells in the body when frequently eaten.

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Breast Cancer and Fatty diets

fattyfood.jpgStudies have shown that a diet that is rich in fats can increase the risk of breast cancer recurrence. This is more the case for postmenopausal women who have had successful treatment for early stage breast cancers at a younger age. The National Cancer Institute, recommends that women who have had successful treatment of breast cancer in their early years do stick to their management regimen which can effect changes to diet, environment and other contributory factors that can have bearing in preventing recurrence of the disease. Dietary adjustments have decreased the risks of getting the disease to recur and such information should be taken seriously if one wishes to live out the remainder of their life void of the said disease.

Matcha: Japan’s Fountain of Health

The Japanese have a tradition of tea as deep – maybe even deeper – than that of the British. They have discovered teas made from barley, rice, and the different stages of tea leaf maturation. The most revered, best loved, and most popular of them all is Matcha. It is whisked in sacred tea ceremonies, and offered to guests of utmost honor and importance. Its vibrant green color, creamy texture, and deep, rich flavor, evoke depth and contemplation, and has been used in many snacks, from chocolates to candy to ice cream.

Matcha is also a superfood exceedingly rich in antioxidants, and is one of the best drinks in the fight against cancer. Its rich emerald color comes from the young leaves that have been lightly steamed and ground immediately, thus retaining chlorophyll and its nutritive properties. Matcha is also known to boost one’s metabolism threefold, and is a great aid in wight management and fitness.

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Don’t Eat Your Carcinogens!

Do you have a propensity for burning food? Do your fried eggs turn up with dark edges? Are your French fries constantly medium_2794364143over-done? Burning your food is a terrible waste, and if you still decide – heaven forbid – sitting down and eating it, this is one habit you’d better stop right now. Burnt food becomes a potent source of carcinogens, and constant consumption of it can lead to damaging effects like indigestion, ulcers, and worse, cancer. Carcinogens are one of the worst ways to eat your way to cancer.

Here are some tips you can follow to avoid carcinogens in your food:

!) Throw out burnt food. Did you microwave some popcorn, only to find chunks of burned corned at the bottom of the bag? Forget it! Chuck that burnt popcorn. Cut away any burnt fat off your barbecue, as well.
2) Opt for baking, poaching, or boiling your food. These cooking styles lessen the chances of burnt food compared to frying and grilling.
3) Never leave your frying or grilling food unattended. It can be very easy to forget you are cooking something, specially when you’re engaged with something fun. Focus on your cooking task, or make sure you have a timer to remind you to check on your cooking.

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UVB Exposure more Dangerous

uvbWe’ve all heard of UVA and UVB, the harmful part of light that the human light cannot see. Well, it turns out that UVB is more dangerous to your skin cell’s DNA than the first type according to new research results. Many people who get sunburn often go by without incident with a mild and painful rash. The only problem is that a non-melanoma incident greatly increases the chance of developing skin cancer later on in life. Sunblock is the easiest protection from such deadly a disease such as skin cancer and should accompany you whenever you go out into the sun, even for a short time. Avoiding prolonged exposure and those who live near the equator should stay protected from the hotter rays of the sun to prevent UVA and UVB from burning your skin.