Matcha: Japan’s Fountain of Health

The Japanese have a tradition of tea as deep – maybe even deeper – than that of the British. They have discovered teas made from barley, rice, and the different stages of tea leaf maturation. The most revered, best loved, and most popular of them all is Matcha. It is whisked in sacred tea ceremonies, and offered to guests of utmost honor and importance. Its vibrant green color, creamy texture, and deep, rich flavor, evoke depth and contemplation, and has been used in many snacks, from chocolates to candy to ice cream.

Matcha is also a superfood exceedingly rich in antioxidants, and is one of the best drinks in the fight against cancer. Its rich emerald color comes from the young leaves that have been lightly steamed and ground immediately, thus retaining chlorophyll and its nutritive properties. Matcha is also known to boost one’s metabolism threefold, and is a great aid in wight management and fitness.

photo credit: JapanDave via photopin cc

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