Colonoscopy -Colorectal cancer screening

colonoscopy.jpgThe process is quite unpleasant and requires a lot of time for the digestive tract has to be void of all contents before it can be done (imagine the mess it would create if it were full). Testing usually requires fasting for up to 12 hours before the exam during which the colon, through the rectum is flushed again and again to remove all contaminants which can impair the view of the colonoscopy scope. Once a cleared view of the colon is assured, the test continues with a lighted tube to which a camera is attached allowing viewing of the colon to find growths called polyps. Polyps are not cancerous but are considered to be the beginnings of such so dietary adjustments are required if they are to be tamed to prevent colorectal cancers. If polyps are found, regular exams are required to see if the polyps remain as polyps and do not progress into cancerous growth. For those who go thought the procedure, ask the doctor to increase the time they scan for these growths for studies in the US have shown that the standard exam to a maximum of almost 20 minutes increases the success of locating them by as much 10 times increasing accuracy.

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